CopyDream is a software designed to facilitate the typing of words, phrases or texts that we use very often, which works by using "copy and paste" of Windows.

The CopyDream window can be minimized all the time, because everything can be done through shortcuts.

For other resources of the software, see the information below ("UPDATED IN").

Download and see!

Current version: 1.8 beta (16/feb/2010)

Prerequisite: Microsoft. Net Framework 2.0.

Was successfully tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

* Collaborated with the shortcuts functionality of this software: Luiz Mello.



*** UPDATED IN 16/feb/2010 - version 1.8 Beta:
Released the version 1.8 Beta:
- The window size is smaller.
- The options were placed on a menu at the top of the window.

*** UPDATED IN 02/oct/2009 - version 1.7 Beta:
Released the version 1.7 Beta:
- You can hide the icon from the System Tray (Taskbar).
- You can copy/paste images too!

*** UPDATED IN 12/mar/2009 - version 1.5 Beta:
Released the version 1.5 Beta with the following changes:
- Now the text can be saved so that it does not need to enter it again when you close and open the software!
- In addition, the saved file can be exported for use by another user or another computer.

*** UPDATED IN 09/mar/2009 - version 1.2 Beta:
Released the version 1.2 beta of the program, with some changes:
- Now you can choose between English and Portuguese languages.
- Can be minimized to the system tray (taskbar, near the Windows clock).

- Gustavo Meneguelli