As has happened many problems with virus from pen drive, I developed a small software that monitors all logical drives looking for the file "autorun.inf". If it finds a file with this name in the root of any drive, will exclude him.

When executed, the AutoRunExterminator appears in the System Tray (near the Windows clock). This means that it is open and monitoring. I recommend that you place a shortcut to the program in the "Startup" on the Start menu to start it with Windows.

For other resources of the software, see the information of updates below ("Updated in").

The software was tested successfully on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7.

Prerequisite: Microsoft. Net Framework 2.0.

Current Version: 1.8 RTM/Final Version (13/may/2010).

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*** UPDATED IN 13/may/2010 - version 1.8 RTM/Final Version:
Released the version 1.8 RTM/Final Version of the AutoRunExterminator, with some changes:
- Fixed problems with the software window.
- Added viewing the activity log to know when and where the Autorun.inf files were found and deleted.
- Added option to start the software with Windows.
- The options are saved automatically.

*** UPDATED IN 28/feb/2010 - version 1.7 Release Candidate:
Released the version 1.7 Release Candidate of the AutoRunExterminator, with some changes:
- Improving the process of finding and deleting files 'autorun.inf' in order to use less memory and processing. The process is now more simple and dynamic.
- Improving the process of identifying and adding values to the Windows Registry (referring to disabling the AutoRun feature) in order to use less memory and processing. The process is now more simple and dynamic.
- Fixed problem with scanning the file 'autorun.inf' on CDs or DVDs. No longer check this type of drive.

*** UPDATED IN 20/mar/2009 - version 1.6 Beta:
Released the version 1.6 Beta of the software, with some changes:
- Now automatically disables the Autorun feature ("AutoPlay") on Windows, making a complete protection against virus infected pen drives.

*** UPDATED IN 05/jan/2009 - version 1.5 Beta:
Released the version 1.5 Beta of the software, with some changes:
- Shows how many files autorun.inf was found and how many were successfully deleted (eg from CD or DVD will be found, but not excluded).
- Display a 'warning balloon' in the System Tray every time it find and delete a file autorun.inf.
- Improvement of the system of search and exclusion of files autorun.inf.

*** UPDATED IN 29/dec/2008 - version 1.3 Beta:
Published today, Monday, a new version of the software, with the news:
- Now the program window shows how many files "autorun.inf" were excluded.
- Fixed a problem to open and minimize the program window, because when the window was open when you click the System Tray icon he could hang.
Note: The download link still the same.


- Gustavo Meneguelli